Pricing + Features

We make licensing easy for you with lots of flexibility and low prices.  Choose a monthly or annual subscription then mix and match Salesforce Users with non-Salesforce Users to make a plan that works for you.

No extra licenses are needed for your Salesforce Experience (Community) users.

No extra Salesforce license for API access is required for Salesforce Professional Edition orgs.

No extra Salesforce licenses are required to set up your non-Salesforce hosts.

Appointiv for Salesforce Users

Your complete appointment booking engine.
Use this license for appointment hosts, schedulers, and admins who have a Salesforce license.

Monthly Subscription

$ 12 USD

per user / month

Billed monthly

Annual Subscription


per user / month

$120.00 Billed annually

Appointiv for Service Providers without a Salesforce License

Do you have meeting hosts who don't have a Salesforce license? No problem.
Your non-Salesforce User employees can still host appointments and sync their calendars.

Monthly subscription

$ 6 USD

per user / month

Billed monthly 

ANNUAL subscription

$ 5 USD

per user / month

$60.00 Billed annually

*Appointiv runs inside Salesforce so at least one Salesforce User is required.

Salesforce Integration?  - No integration required

  • 100% on Salesforce technology
  • Full custom Calendar inside Salesforce
  • Visual Attendance Indicator on Event records
  • Send invitation links through workflows
  • Includes Salesforce Flow templates
  • Book from any object in Salesforce
  • No customer data stored outside Salesforce

Synced Calendars

  • Sync with Salesforce Calendar
  • Sync with Google, Outlook, and iCal Calendars
  • Even sync with non-Salesforce Users' calendars
  • Use our proprietary sync or use Salesforce's sync - or a combination!

Easy Appointments

  • Add your personal booking link to email signatures and templates
  • Automatically add your customer to the booking form
  • Let customers cancel and reschedule
  • Embed Appointiv in your Website or Salesforce Community

Flexible Bookings

  • Multiple Locations
  • Resource bookings
  • Class bookings
  • Pooled availability by skills