Pricing + Features


Here at Appointiv, we strive to simplify licensing, providing flexible options at affordable prices. Choose between a monthly or annual subscription, then customize your plan by combining Salesforce Users and non-Salesforce Users to best suit your needs.


  • For Salesforce Professional Edition organizations, API access doesn't require an extra Salesforce license.
  • You can set up non-Salesforce hosts without the need for additional Salesforce licenses.
  • Salesforce Experience (Community) users can access our application without the need for additional licenses.

Our aim is to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience, making it easy to integrate Appointiv into your organization's workflow.

Appointiv Full-Access

Power up your scheduling with Appointiv Full-Access User license – your complete appointment booking engine.

Perfect for appointment hosts, schedulers, and admins who already possess a Salesforce license, offering comprehensive control over your appointment processes.

Monthly Subscription

$ 12 USD

per user / month

Billed monthly

Annual Subscription


per user / month

$120.00 Billed annually

Appointiv Lite-Host

Meeting hosts without a Salesforce license? We've got you covered. With Appointiv, your non-Salesforce User employees can easily host appointments, sync their calendars, and rest assured that all appointment data is securely saved in Salesforce.

It's seamless scheduling, without the need for a Salesforce license.

Monthly subscription

$ 6 USD

per user / month

Billed monthly 

ANNUAL subscription

$ 5 USD

per user / month

$60.00 Billed annually

*Appointiv runs inside Salesforce so at least one Appointiv Full-Access license is required.

Salesforce Integration?  - No integration required

  • 100% on Salesforce technology
  • Full custom Calendar inside Salesforce
  • Visual Attendance Indicator on Event records
  • Send invitation links through workflows
  • Includes Salesforce Flow templates
  • Book from any object in Salesforce
  • No customer data stored outside Salesforce

Synced Calendars

  • Sync with Salesforce Calendar
  • Sync with Google, Outlook, and iCal Calendars
  • Even sync with non-Salesforce Users' calendars
  • Use our proprietary sync or use Salesforce's sync - or a combination!

Easy Appointments

  • Add your personal booking link to email signatures and templates
  • Automatically add your customer to the booking form
  • Let customers cancel and reschedule
  • Embed Appointiv in your Website or Salesforce Community

Flexible Bookings

  • Multiple Locations
  • Resource bookings
  • Class bookings
  • Pooled availability by skills