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Advanced appointment booking engine.
100% powered by Salesforce


Take the chaos out of scheduling appointments

Create time. Improve workflows. Automate everything!

Appointiv makes complex appointment scheduling a breeze with a tailored, flexible solution that is 100% powered by Salesforce. Automate manual processes and watch your work start to flow!  Appointiv is a native Salesforce app which means you simply download from the AppExchange and get started - no integration required!

Industry solutions



Bang for your buck

Automatically schedule client review meetings without ever needing to pick up the phone.  Set it and forget it by creating workflows and rules to send invitations based on Opportunities, Cases, or your own Custom Objects!



Next-level caring

Imagine inviting thousands of patients to the right service at the right time - from a single dynamic email template. 

Appointiv makes it a breeze - without any patient PII leaving your Salesforce database for privacy and HIPAA compliance.



Get inspired

Let students book advisor meetings directly from your Salesforce Community. Allow students to self-manage rescheduling and cancelations to avoid no-shows. Automatically associate meetings with cases or custom objects.


Product Sales Teams

Time Kills Deals

Going back and forth with customers setting up meetings wastes precious time. Let your prospect choose a time when you and your team are free so they can book an appointment immediately. 

Save time across the entire customer journey by sending automated invitations to pre-sales demos, onboarding sessions, and customer support sessions.

Bring your team together!

Streamline appointment scheduling

Catching up is easier than ever with Appointiv. Packed with features to accommodate multiple team members with differing schedules and calendars, Appointiv provides a hassle-free scheduling solution that helps eliminate confusion and errors.


We’ll make it work for you

Salesforce expertise

We’re passionate about helping others get the most value from their investment in Salesforce. We know what it's like to have that "aha!" moment when you realise that you can extend the Salesforce Platform to do anything you can imagine. That's why we chose to build Appointiv directly on the platform - so that you can tailor Appointiv's functionality to fit your unique business flows - just like you do with the rest of Salesforce!

Relax. You’re in Good Hands

Flexible. Extendable. Secure

We partnered with Salesforce for its legendary reliability, extendability and security. With Appointiv running natively inside your Salesforce instance, your data security and application uptime are still being handled by Salesforce.

We make sure Appointiv never stores customer data outside your Salesforce instance and we're certified by the rigorous security review process that backs the Salesforce AppExchange.